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28 Nov 2016

Sensible Designing – Part 3

THE SCENARIO IN INDIA Most of us get attracted to whatever gets displayed at stores and malls.  Sometimes you are on a shopping spree without even understanding if it would suit our home.  And generally you end-up cluttering the space with misfit items.  You need to be careful and understand that the interiors of any space is a very fine balance of material and empty spaces.  Filling up every wall with designs, patterns, display is not really interior design!!!!   I […]

16 Nov 2016
Sensible Designing 2- What you should do

Sensible Designing – Part 2

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO Once you have decided that you want to hire an Interior Designer, you need to do you home work. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT: Any good interior designer would want to know what you want from your project …be it your residence, your office, showroom or any other space. SO you must answers to all such questions.  You should be CLEAR about your requirements.  Just saying “We don’t want much work done” does not help you nor […]

05 Nov 2016

Sensible Designing – Part 1

WHY DO YOU NEED AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? We keep getting routine queries regarding Interior Design or renovation of apartments and bungalows.  In most of these queries I find people are not really clear on what they want.  Do they want lifestyle or do they want enhanced daily living comforts.  These are two different things…. If you have the money to splurge and budget is not a criteria then it makes sense to go for the best possible in interior design. […]

04 Apr 2016

Low-Budget Decorating, High-Style Looks

Transform your home with smart shopping tips and money-saving ideas. Revisit what you already own. Your existing art and furniture pieces are worth a lot more than you think of. They have antique value, they touch your heart and have emotions attached to them. You can easily refurbish them and give them a new look this is one of the best way to do some inexpensive decorating. Sandpaper, primer and paint can transform just about any piece of furniture. Don’t […]

04 Apr 2016


You have been living in your home the way you are … for years now!!! Imagine your family structure may have changed, the times have changed, the world has changed … and so should the looks of your home. Yes, change is the only constant in this world. You too should change the way your home looks and feels. And the best part is … it is not very expensive!!! And icing on the cake is it need not be […]

04 Apr 2016

How to Define Your Interior Design Style

Shopping has become more frequent now than ever before. Variety of styles, materials , colors, patterns etc to choose from. And yet, when you go out for shopping for clothes or other items, you generally have very simple choices…choices of fabric, of colour, of patterns etc. Similarly, your home showcases your own individual entity. You need not be a copy of someone else. You have your own distinct personality and tastes and your home can look beautiful with all your […]

04 Apr 2016


The debate over colors and their usage has been long standing. There exist different schools of thoughts. For some light colors are easy to play with – while others favor dark colors. I say all colors are good as far as you are comfortable using them. LIGHT colors make a space light and larger looking. These colors would usually be soothing to your eyes and brain. You would be more comfortable using them and matching things/objects/accessories with them. DARK colors […]

04 Apr 2016


Spaces in Urban India are just too precious to be wasted!!! Using the services of a qualified Interior Designer is of importance (while not too many people understand this). As a common man, it is quite justified to think of reducing costs for the home or office renovation project that you are about to undertake. For the purpose Internet has come to the rescue. You can just Google anything and get information, reference images, furniture types, colour schemes and so […]

04 Apr 2016


Redesigning a space (entire home or just a room space), is not as easy as it looks. There are various factors that can affect the way a room like no. of doors, windows, ceiling heights, position of beams and columns, colour scheme, furniture, and the use to which the room has been put. However, now that you are thinking of redesigning your home or your room … there are very important things you need to understand. There are these 7 […]

04 Apr 2016


Many assume that the hiring of an interior designer is a “luxury” or “overindulgent”. They believe that only those with a great deal of expendable income can afford to use a designer. But, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, once you’ve made the decision to redesign a room, your entire home, or if you’ve recently moved into a new space, the use of a designer can actually save you money. Here’s how. Cost Savings #1: […]