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The debate over colors and their usage has been long standing. There exist different schools of thoughts. For some light colors are easy to play with – while others favor dark colors.

I say all colors are good as far as you are comfortable using them. LIGHT colors make a space light and larger looking. These colors would usually be soothing to your eyes and brain. You would be more comfortable using them and matching things/objects/accessories with them.

DARK colors on the other hand lend a rich feel to the space. While the space may look smaller, the other thought is that the depth increases. You can play with lights and make the space interesting. Dark walls provide a perfect background for highlighting your accessories.

So to get a perfect look you can use a judicious blend of colors where some part of the room can be dark while the majority remains light colored. Also you can play with the color of accessories, drapery, decorative pieces etc to create a fine balance and make the space inviting.

If you are still confused, check with an INTERIOR DESIGNER who can create a perfect blend to suit your room and tastes.

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